Celebrating 50 Years, Serving Our Dedicated Customers.

Incorporated in 1963, Amac Equipment Limited is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. At that time, AmacBuilding_sm.jpg specialised in sewer/drain cleaning equipment and road maintenance equipment. We represented OK Champion Corporation, Kollmann Manufacturing, and Maple Leaf Metal Products. Our major customers were municipal, provincial, and federal government departments and contractors across Canada.

In the mid-Sixties, Champion worked with AT&T's Bell Labs to redesign their sewer rodder to function as a duct rodder. The successful completion of this project then resulted in the development of very efficient cable pullers and reel loaders. Our focus thus shifted to the telecommunications industry, where we began working closely with a large Ontario and Quebec telecom.


The AMAC Demo Truck is on the Road and Coming Your Way!

truck1.jpgThe AMAC Demo Truck and Trailer is available to provide a close look at many of our products. The ¾ ton pickup has a rollout display for easy walk-up viewing of equipment from several manufacturers. In your yard or garage, we can simulate operation and set-up of most products.

The Trailer is a self-contained Fiber Optic Cable Puller with its own hydraulic power pack. Static demonstration of the tension monitoring system, safety shutdown, and tension recording method is possible.